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Holding pride of place is a state-of-the-art indoor badminton stadium with a carpet area of 12000 square feet. Fourteen LED strips shed 1000 Lux illumination, cloaked by anti-glare shades that don’t blind players even if they momentarily look directly at them. The seven courts’ flooring provides layers of protection, especially for players’ heels and knees. A synthetic mat forms the surface, below which is spread grade A Canadian Maple inter-locking reapers. Under this is a tier of plywood, again bolstered by 3/4” wooden reapers. Rubber bushes form the lowest level, cushioning the jumps and falls to minimize injury.

The school leans heavily on science and foreign coaches in its aim to produce world class shuttlers, its daily schedule so structured that players slip seamlessly from sports to studies. An accomplished physiotherapy wing often uses dry needling, a sports acupuncture system that releases knotted muscles, ice baths, sand training and a 4000 square foot gym.

“This is the first of its kind facility in India,” observed P.V. Sindhu, who formally inaugurated the scheme. “The coaching and fitness staff is world class. That this international standard facility came up without any government assistance is really impressive,” added the Rio Olympics silver medallist.

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