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About Security: The primary responsibility of every school is to ensure a safe and secure environment for students and staff. Keeping this in mind, we have taken several measures to ensure safety and crisis management.

Security Personnel: The school has at present nine security guards, five male,and four female. There is an Asst. Security Officer, a retired senior Army Officer, in charge to ensure smooth functioning. Visitors are allowed to enter only after signing and picking up a Visitor’s Pass.
Barricades, chain link fences, and garden cloth screens reduce visibility to outsiders. The campus is off limits for drivers, maintenance crew etc. during the school hours.

CC TV Coverage: At present, there are a total of 90 cameras in the entire campus. There is also a Vigilance Officer who goes on rounds intermittently in addition to monitoring camera footage.

Security in Buses: Ensured presence of Aayammas in all the buses in addition to teachers on most bus routes make us confident that the children are in safe hands. Air-conditioned buses have First Aid boxes for any eventuality and are just getting equipped with GPS tracking systems.
The Issue of ID Cards: Identity cards are issued to all visitors entering the campus, be it parents, maintenance workers or any others.

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