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Applications Open
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Our Mentors

Suchitra teacher is a happy teacher able to spread happiness to children. We feel it is the most important aspect of anybody’s being who comes in contact with children and affects them in million ways. We believe ‘do with teachers what you want them to do with children.’ So, we keep our teachers HAPPY. Our dreams and vision trickle down to children through our teachers and so we are very mindful in selecting teachers for our children. Our teachers have the power to change ordinary souls into extraordinary beings and we equip our teachers to have and exercise this power.

Our mentors are rated the best each time we have taken a survey of our parents and children. Highly committed, they go, always, that extra mile and ensure a job not just done well, but done excellently.

Inservice Training

Unless you are a learner, you can’t be a teacher!

Our teachers go through continuous training sessions of varied nature from discovering themselves to understanding the latest in pedagogy. Workshops and professional development courses are a regular affair.

From regular constructive discussions in departments headed by Heads of the Department to plan, execute and reflect on the day to day teaching-learning are a part of the teacher’s day here.
Teachers are the greatest resource a school can boast of and no investment is too big in ensuring their enhanced output – be it in terms of subject efficacy, emotional connectivity, sensitivity or attitude building.

Suchitra invests heavily in continuous in-house as well as out sourced trainings. It is a rare school that can boast of a Department of Research and Training. The brief of this Department is to identify gaps in individual teacher’s learning and tailor make trainings to support just that, something which often does not get addressed in mass teacher training sessions. Besides peer training, peer teaching are other programmes that help in capacity building in teachers.

Teacher Speak

Teacher Training

Research has shown that an informed teacher is the most important factor influencing student achievement. Having recognized this crucial element of teacher development, we at Suchitra have a range of in-house and out-sourced teacher training modules that provide training for teachers on a range of subjects. Recently, three very educative sessions were held by different facilitators in preparation for the new academic year.

30th & 31st May, 2018

Quality Circle Time

Ms. Maya Menon from Teacher Foundation, Bangalore conducted a two-day session on Quality Circle Time, enriching every teacher emotionally and cognitively. Emotions have a vital role in learning. The Jenny Mosley model of QCT was beautifully presented by her to the teachers through live demonstrations followed by reflective sessions. She helped the group understand the techniques to make it possible for different age group children. She also demonstrated the method by showcasing QCT with a group of Grade IX children from the school. Teachers were understandably receptive and super-charged to take this on in their classrooms.

28th May, 2018

Whole Brain Teaching

A full day workshop conducted by Prof. Samuel Johnson, from VIT was attended by all the teachers of Suchitra. The session was enriching and helped teachers to understand the importance of emotions as it has a major role in effective learning. The understanding of brain and its function was very clearly presented by him with a lot of research data to substantiate it . The importance for teachers to understand their emotions and well-being was well-addressed by him.

24th May, 2018

A session on Creative Thinking – Thinking Outside The Circle

The session was conducted by Trisha Chakraborty, Head of Research and Training for all teachers on the re-opening day with the objective of looking at everything from a new perspective. Some hands-on and minds-on activities were taken up to look at ‘creativity with a purpose’, helping everybody to give their best in the classroom by planning lessons for children putting on a different thinking hat. Various methods of brainstorming techniques were discussed to make classroom teaching interesting.

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