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My name is Tegan Jain, a speedcuber(3×3 Rubik’s Cube) – person who solves twisty puzzles as fast as possible. I first learnt how to solve the cube in 2012 when I was 7years old and having gotten to maybe an average speed of 1 and a half minutes, I put it aside and went on with my life. When I was in the 5th grade,  I got back into cubing, thanks to some classmates, but it was finally towards the end of 2017 that the speedcubing bug bit me. I became obsessed. Since then I have attended 10 competitions – all in Hyderabad, and while I have won some awards, none of them have been anything noteworthy (something I plan to change immediately after this accursed pandemic ends). While I may have not done anything for cubing yet, cubing most certainly has changed my life.

Cubing came to me at a very dark time in my life, and gave me an opportunity to focus my time and attention into something besides what I had just gone through. I would spend a lot of time solving the cube and watching videos on how to get faster, and when I went to my first competition, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn’t make very many friends or meet many people as I was a very shy little bean then, but as I participated in more competitions, I definitely managed to get out of my shyness shell. This is not all that cubing can do though .

I am of the opinion that cubing instills an ‘improvement mindset’ in cubers. Many people believe that talent is something that we are born with, that we can never get as good as those at the top, because they were ‘just born with it’. Nearly all cubers know this not to be true. All of us started off believing that we could never solve the cube, that it was too hard, and then we learnt it, and realized, hey! it’s actually easy enough! This creates a mindset that allows us to learn whatever we want. Let me quote something that I saw in a forum. “I will never be fast because as I get faster I will change my definition of fast so it’s always faster than me.”  Similar to how “tomorrow never comes.” Even the world’s fastest cubers don’t simply get fast and quit. Most of them are still active members constantly practising and pushing the limits of cubing. Cubers will persist. And so can you.

Though cubing does help in math somewhere, I believe that cubing creates an intuition about logical matters. Cubing is a very sequential activity, we have steps that must be completed before the next can happen, but at the same time, cubing is art. Every step influences another, so why not try to do more steps at the same time, or do this step in such a way that it gives me a better next step. This logical approach has really helped me sort my life, and take a structured approach to things.

Before I leave, I want to touch on the topic of this article, “Why we cube“. What keeps speedcubers hooked to their cubes for years? Is it because of the thrill of solving a complex puzzle? Is it because of the opportunities one gets to constantly prove that they are better than themselves? Yes. Those are very important factors that keep cubers enthralled by the cube, but the rush one gets from those can dissipate. What I believe is another, more prevalent reason, is the incredible, incredible, community! Some of my best friends today are cubers. I have met and connected with astronomers, computer scientists, weightlifters, photographers, tabla players, chess players, doctors, and more, and have gotten so much life advice and general help from so many  people by simply being active in the cubing community. Everyday cubers motivate me to do more, to be more. And some of them are probably reading this, besides the ones I sent this to. If cubing is something that you do, or seems like something that you would want to do now, please, feel free to message me, ask me questions, or just talk at (also I have a youtube channel, pls subscribe)


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