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Learning is a journey and glad that it never ends. That is exactly what Cambridge curriculum teaches us. We all stress on quality learning but the alternatives that our educational system offers is limited. The changes are incessant too. We as parents and teachers are striving to teach our children the trades of tomorrow. However, when tomorrow is unpredictable, sometimes our teachings may not be efficacious.

Well, I can vouch for Cambridge curriculum and its integrated programmes. It focuses on the core subjects Math, Science and English. A curriculum which has the teaching, learning and assessments aligned. It is distinct because of its comprehensive structure and yet being flexible in nature. As a teacher I enjoyed learning the nuances as I switched from IBPYP to Cambridge Primary. As mentors, we work hard to sow the seed of learning and wait anxiously to see the changeover. Having said that, it is worth a change. This type of learning lets the children explore the beauty of languages and use it to their advantage. This curriculum helps to build the concept and assesses the child in a systematic and progressive way. The skill-based approach helps them to build a strong base for their future.  We constantly motivate them to be a RICER, i.e., to be responsible, innovative, confident, engaged and reflective learners. The Global perspectives help them to be aware of the concerns and issues around them and motivates them to express their views.

Let me share this story by Loren Eisley, titled ‘The starfish story’. A man once walked through a beach and found thousands of starfish littered on the beach. At a distance, a young boy was picking up the starfishes and throwing them back into the sea. He seems to be in a hurry as he was concerned that they may die. The man chuckled thinking if it was really possible to save all the stranded starfishes. The boy continued his act of picking one of the starfishes, threw it back into the sea and said “Well, it made a difference to that one!” That’s the beauty of a child’s thought. innocent yet sensible. We train them to be that one child who strives to make a difference even if the world around chuckles on them.

We educate them to make a difference and not stress with the rote learning methods. Our learning is just not limited to textbooks and questions, rather extends to research and sharing. Our stories are not just to read and discuss the morale, we predict, change and explore the genres of literature. Let your child experience this wonderful curriculum at Suchitra Academy.


Ms. Jincy Viji, Mentor, Stage 4


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