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 /  The Launch of Suchitra Haat Website-An outcome of Project Based Learning in Grades IV-VI

The Launch of Suchitra Haat Website-An outcome of Project Based Learning in Grades IV-VI

Suchitra Haat : Motivation behind the website 

‘Rooting for our roots’ , this has been at the helm of the concept of the Suchitra Haat , a concept that rose out of a need to merge and integrate art with learning, specifically Science and Maths . In the words of Isaac Asimov – ‘There is an art to science and a science in art , both are different aspects of a whole.’ Keeping this in mind the tutors and mentors of Suchitra Academy decided to lead their students on an explorative path of learning, on a project that would double up as a learning module as well as create a sense of wonderment and pride amongst students on the heritage of their country .

In a world and era so blinded by machine made products and gadgets , bringing our students back to their roots and helping them understand that the heart of India lies in its villages , the pride of India lies in its rich and varied heritage and cultural forms was extremely important . What better way to do this than getting them to explore and traverse the length and breadth of the nation to understand the diversified art forms in our country.

Be it home decor or fashion, Gen X has come to prefer the sleek and clean finishing of the western world products . The rustic and earthy tones of our very own mother land seems to have died out. In an initiative to breathe life into our very own art forms, Suchitra Academy  decided to take their students on a journey to appreciate and treasure their very own art forms , the Tribal art forms . In a bid to fetch justice and recognition to the tribal artisans and to bring to the fore their outstanding work that often gets sidelined, the Suchitra Academy mentors stumbled upon a one of a kind idea .

How does one become a social entrepreneur?

The students of Suchitra Academy were initiated on a project named ‘How does one become a social entrepreneur ?’ Through this project students explored the various tribes of India and civilizations of the world . This worked as a double edged sword- giving the students a sneak peak into history as well as teaching them the science behind their lifestyles , clothing , shelter and food . This project made students marvel at the geometric patterns used in various art forms in India as well as round the world.

 Learning outcomes:

Project based learning , equips students with the much needed 21 st century skills , the 3 C’s being the cornerstone of PBL .,critical thinking , creativity and  collaboration . Such a method helps students address real world scenarios and problems.

Through this art integrated project, students experienced a multifaceted mode of learning , where they learnt history in collaboration with art, music and ICT too .

As part of the Project , students of Grades IV and V worked on the tribes of India and Grade VI worked on the civilizations of the world . The students first headed out and researched information pertaining to each of these tribes, they understood their art forms and worked in collaboration with their art teachers to come up with exquisite and rustic pieces of art and craft .

From scarves to masks and jewellery and paintings to adorn your wall, the students have created masterpieces on the various art and craft forms. As part of the world civilizations, well crafted pottery as well as head bands have been designed by the students .

Based on the researched information, the students created flipbooks based on the lifestyles , clothing and festivals of each of the tribes.All this has created a sense of pride and wonderment amongst students .

All their work culminated in creating a website named the Suchitra Haat. Students uploaded the images of their work on Google forms which were reflected as links on the main website. The website has been divided into 3 main domains The beauty of the land , The rise of man and Potpourri.Under each of these domains products pertaining to each tribe/civilization have been displayed with links that lead to the Google forms which give necessary product information , dimensions and pricing of each product . Payment details for the same have also been mentioned in the form.

Every product / art / craft / painting has been meticulously curated with the help of their art mentors .The proceedings of the sale would be going to charity, so in every true way , the students have become a social entrepreneur

Guest Speaker: Ms Vandana Rathi : 

As part of the Inauguration of the website, an esteemed guest Ms Vandana Rathi social worker and philanthropist spoke to the students . Ms Rathi has been associated with the Lions club since 1991 and has been part of many signature campaigns of the club .  Ms Rathi has been the reason for a smile behind thousands of underprivileged and needy children. As a social worker with Ekal Vidyalaya, Ms Rathi has conducted many funds raising programs for noble causes like the girl child education program,  flood relief and the like.  She has contributed immensely to the education of the girl child by adopting a school.Ms Rathi is currently the president of the women’s upliftment wing of the Telangana state. Her contributions in working for the downtrodden are commendable and praiseworthy.

Empathy was at the heart of her short dialogue with the students, sensitivity towards the needs of the not so privileged was at the core of her interaction with the children . Ms Rathi emphasized that understanding the pain of others would help sensitize people in contributing more towards the deprived and  underprivileged. She also stressed on the fact that there was no better joy, than the joy of giving. Her energy and enthusiasm in helping the needy is indeed laudable.

She ended her interaction with a beautiful snippet from a hindi poetry:

Yun to har aankh roti hai ,

Lekin har boond ashk nahi hoti hai 

Aur dekh kar rode jo zamane ka gamm 

Woh aasoon nahi moti hai ….

The first shopper who bought a product from Suchitra Haat is Ms. Nadia Merchant. We are grateful to her for the first move.

The sale is still on, we request all the readers to go to the website and purchase a product or two. Encourage the kids and their hard work.

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