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 /  Suchitra Academy has organised an internship programme for Grade XI students

Suchitra Academy has organised an internship programme for  Grade XI students

An internship is rendered as an important learning experience. During an internship, the practical experience and credit towards your goal is an exciting prospect that adds an additional dimension to the educational process.

To give such a real life experience,  we at Suchitra organised an internship programme for our Grade XI students.  Fifty-three students participated in eight internship programmes which included fashion, marketing, cyber security, psychology, law, finance(CA), and interior designing. It was an enriching and educative experience as the testimonials from the students will testify!


The 3 days of this internship will be one of the most memorable times of my life, since I had so much fun and learning! I am very grateful that my school arranged an internship programme for the students to make most of their time during holidays and gain experience of both the workplace and the real world. I have been able to commute on my own and navigate my way independently as well. Coming to the actual internship, the people at Bagh Bageecha left no stone unturned and gave us complete and informative education on organic farming; what it is, why it’s important and many more aspects.

Other than visiting one of the organic farms where many varieties of crops are grown without chemical fertilisers and pesticides, we also had a fair bit of marketing work as well where we devised a marketing strategy for the company to help people realise the cons of eating mainstream GMO crops, thus, making this an all round experience. I thoroughly enjoyed these 3 days and eagerly look forward to many more opportunities like these.


 The internship was done over three days where we learned about various topics about cybersecurity, its necessity and the opportunities that it provides. On the first day we were introduced to the concept of cybersecurity and its growing need as we are engaging more frequently with online facilities, especially during this pandemic. On the second day we discussed various open source tools that could be used to gather information. This information can range from IP addresses and locations to social media accounts of users. On the final day we began by going over the tasks we were given the previous day and were guided regarding how we could have done these tasks even better by introducing us to new open source websites that could be used for this task. It was a great experience. This has further developed my interest in cybersecurity and would rather look at it as a career option. It answered the various questions I had regarding the working of this field as well. RHEA REDDY, XI A

During the three days of internship at the fashion studio, we learned about Fashion Forecasting, Fashion Designs and Mood Boards. We had a studio tour to analyse the activities happening in the studio. We made a presentation regarding the mentioned topics and also learned about how to design prom dresses followed by a roleplay. Furthermore, we practised taking measurements and ended this wonderful learning experience with an elaborate photoshoot.



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