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Take a picture!

The Photography Challenge was a good initiative for Grade VI and VII students to showcase their hands-on camera skills. They also learned the effects of light, the angle of the object, and the various view perspectives. Grade VIIB Ranya’s photography is selected as the best.

Students of Grades IV and V were challenged to balance their steps and lemon equally and those who could make it happen beautifully are Ahil Merchant of Grade IVA and Akshitha Reddy of Grade VA.

Nature! Nature! So lush and green

The wonder of wonder anyone has seen

So cool, calm full of life

Makes us forget all our strife

Think of forests full of trees

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze

Don’t cut them down and build a tower

Wait for ages to get a shower

The birds that chirp high in the sky

We can’t imitate them however hard we try

Learn how to wonder at nature

Do what you can to save nature

So that everyone can see the nurture in the future

Oh! What joy it is to have friends

For giving me strength

For lifting me up when I am feeling down

And for putting a smile on my face

Friendship is like a beautiful garden

The more you put into it the more it grows

You helped me laugh

You dried my tears

Because of you I have no fears

Days cheer up when we are together

We have such lovely time forever

Thank you for being with me

Your friendship means a lot to me…..


Oh, the water, oh the water,

There is lot of you on earth,

There is lot of you in me.

Oh, the water, fishes swim in you

I swim in you.

Oh, the water, I drink you,

Animals drink you too.

Oh, the water, you drop down from the sky,

And you drop in from the taps.

Oh, the water, I bathe with you,

And my dolls too.

Everyone uses you!


Dear Diary,

Today I woke up with happiness

I woke up with joy

I put all my stress behind me

I chose to be different

I chose to be above all

I became resistant to all forms of sorrow

But, right then, at that moment –

Reality set in –

The reality that I was human

With human feelings and a human heart

A heart that laughed, that cried,
That was happy and that was dark

But more so than anything else,

A heart that carried doubt

The doubt whether this was the last time

It would laugh, cry, get happy and dark

For the right reasons.

A heart that held grief

For those moments it ever cherished

Pondering whether beautiful things

Always ended up to be beautiful

A heart that drowned in its own doom

When its valves now contracted and relaxed,

Not to live, but to die every day-

Die every day remembering that this might be the last time

It ever beat for the right reasons.



Dear friends let me tell you a story about a small boy named Kannha.

Far,far away there was a peaceful village named Gurukul.The villagers there didn’t even know what crime was . There lived a boy named Kannha. He was very smart and close to his brother Balram and two friends. The villagers were very caring and hardworking people.

One day a thief entered their village. He had a small purple bottle with a magical liquid that could help him transform into a different character, but only if he chanted a spell.

After chanting the spell each time, he drank from the bottle and changed himself into someone new. This way he was able to steal all valuables from the villagers.

One day a lady was heard shouting at the top of her voice, “Somebody in the shop just stole my necklace!”

“An old man stole all my money!”, yelled a man .A big crowd gathered in front of the chief’s house.

Kannha was standing beside a tree listening to all this chaos. He asked everyone to describe the thief. “A young man with a missing finger stole my jewellery,” said the lady.

“An old man with a missing finger robbed me too,” said the man.

“Then we just have to search for a person with a missing finger.” said Kannha.

The chief of the village said “We could, but there are so many people and it would take a lifetime to search all of them! What would happen if the thief tried to steal the king’s crown made with the most expensive jewels!”

Kannha stepped forward and replied “We need guards to secure the gates.”

“Kannha, you may be a naughty boy but very bright at the same time.” His father said. Kannha asked the chief if he had some time to plan for the security.

The next morning, Kannha, his brother and friends went to the museum. They saw guards with spears as sharp as a sword.”Kannha can we go in?” asked his friend. “No Madhu, we have to wait till we find the thief.”
The thief, using his potion, transformed himself into a bush and was watching everything going on.He saw the guards and as he turned his head, he saw another one sitting at a table and a sign reading “EVERY ONE MUST SHOW HIS/HER HANDS TO THE GUARDS AND THEN ENTER.”
The thief thought that they had noticed his fingers. He was scared, but then he walked behind a tree and turned himself back as a human. He made an artificial finger out of MUD & CLAY. He put it on and sealed the joint with a ring. He walked into the line and stood there waiting for his turn.

When his turn came he stretched his hands forward. Unfortunately the mud finger dropped onto the table. The guards immediately became alert. They tried to capture him but in vain. He got away!

Kannha saw the thief running away. He asked his friends and brother to help him chase the thief. The thief tried to get away but Kannha and his friends were too quick. “BALRAM go get the chief immediately!” “YES Kannha.”

Finally after a lot of time but they were successful in their task. The thief chuckled and said “How are three children going to stop me?”

“Maybe not them, but I can.” The chief said. The guards immediately arrested him at once. Kannha, his brother and friends were rewarded with gold medals and the village went back to living peacefully.


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