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Stranded on a planet, completely alone and searching for food, what do you think a boy could ever return to Earth and become a superhero?

Let me tell you why I went to space and how I got my  amazing superpowers. By the way, I am Riley, the humble friend of every needy person on Earth.

It all started when I was in fourth grade and started learning about Space . The topic caught my interest so much that I started firing questions at my teacher, her name was Miss Appleberry. I sensed, space is a mystery. Wish I could explore it.

My one question that puzzled Miss Appleberry was,

“How is it like to be on Mercury?”

She said , “ Riley, that’s an interesting question, why don’t you research it with the help of your mother?”. At 3:00 p.m. the school bell rang and I rushed back home.

When I reached home my mom asked me “ Riley, did you read this article about the rocket named  Blazer 126?’’

“ Yeah mom, I’ve heard of it in school. They say it is really cool and plans to take civilians on a space trip” .

“I have a surprise for you Riley, we are going to go on Blazer 126!”

“Mom! That is a pleasant surprise. Thank you for being the best.”

When we reached the launch pad there was a magnificent rocket standing right in front of us. We went inside and found a man named John Holland, he was giving everyone a safety tablet and said, “ Hello everyone, I am John Holland and we are going to take off in 2 minutes. So get into your rooms as per the number on your tickets.’’

5 4 3 2 1 blast off, off into the sky, the never ending and mysterious! “Now we are going closer to the Sun, take a turn at Ceres and then back to our Earth,’’ confirmed the captain of the rocket. I went out of my room to explore, when suddenly I heard a boom. A part of the rocket broke, and I got sucked out of the rocket .

The warning alarm broke out and a co – astronaut immediately fixed the broken part of the rocket . I was lost in space, I called out loud “ Help, Help, somebody please help me.” Then some energy pulled me towards a side, thud… I fell on a planet and got into a deep slumber because of the pain. The aliens on that planet took me to a  weird lab and scanned  me, then they put a pill into my mouth.

I went into a deep sleep and had no track of time. I woke up, found an alien doing an experiment at a place that looked like a lab. I asked him in a frightened voice, “Who are you and what are you doing?” He said “Hello, I am Shimo and I am the one who helped you get back to consciousness.”

“Thank you for helping me Shimo but how do I get back to Earth?’’

“You just fly and get back to your planet because you have now got some supernatural powers which are, super strength, super speed , super sight , super hearing, super intelligence, super manipulation, super flying, super jumping & immortality”.

Wow! That was a bingo gift for a visitor on that planet.

“Okay Shimo. bye for now. My mother must be worried and looking for me.” When I got back to Earth I went straight to my house. My mom was just about to call the police when I flung open the door. She was excited to see me. I told her about my adventures. She said, “With these powers you can help all the people of this Earth!” And then on I’m helping all the people, if you look out of your window you might see me flying, climbing or swinging between the buildings. You will read about my adventures in my next write-up.


                  Story by Siddharth N, Stage 4 A


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