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      • A field trip was organized to the Sarva Dharma Sthal on Thursday, 22nd August for Pre Primary.
      • On Friday, 23rd August, the Pre-primary kids celebrated Janmashtami.
      • Grades XI and XII biology students visited THE CENTRE FOR DNA FINGERPRINTING AND DIAGNOSTICS (CDFD) on Friday, 16thAugust.
      • The students of Grade II E presented a special assembly on the topic THERE IS NO PLANET ‘B’ on Tuesday, 20th August.
      • Grade IA presented a special assembly on Janamashtami on Friday, 23rd August.
      • Grade VII A presented a heartwarming assembly on the topic TRIBUTE TO THE ARMED FORCES on Wednesday, 21st August.
      • Grade VII B presented their Special Assembly on the topic FRIENDSHIP-BE THE REASON SOMEONE SMILES TODAY.
      • On Tuesday, 27th August students of Grade V visited farm.
      • Beat Air Pollution, the seminar for the educator community was attended by the Vice Principal, Ms. Deepa Kapoor on 21st and 22nd August, at Nimli, Rajasthan and Delhi.
      • MUN Club members of Grades IX and X participated in the DRS MUN on 8th, 9th and 10th August, 2019.
      • Suchitra erupted in celebration on Monday, 26th August, as our very own PV Sindhu clinched the Gold medal at Basel, Switzerland.
      • Students of Grade III presented their PBL inquiries on 27th and 28th of August.
      • Dr.SV Mahadevan, Professor of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University on Monday, 19th August , addressed the students of Grades IX-XII providing insights to the changing face of medicine around the world.
      • Grade VI visited Sriram Spinning Mills Private Limited on an educational FIELD TRIP on Wednesday, 29th August.
      • Grade IV students visited GHMC office today as a part of their ongoing PBL Inquiry.
      • The students of Grade I to III and Stage I to III enjoyed their SPECIAL ACTIVITY on Thursday, 29th August.
      • A Medical Camp was organized by us and conducted by Aaditya Hospital on 19th -20th August.
      • Pre Primary students learnt the basic life skills.
      • Pre primary students has activities that develop their thinking skills.
      • Talen time, Inter school the annual event to encourage the love of words was celebrated on 11th & 12th July.
      • The Hindu’s Step workshop was conducted on 11th and 12th July on Expressing and emoting.
      • Ms. Shweta Rao, Economics and Entrepreneurship mentor, attended a workshop organized by Sanskriti School Kondapur and CBSE on 5th and 6th of July.
      • The students of Grade II A presented their special assembly on the topic Smile costs nothing on Tuesday, 16th July, 2019 .
      • Murtasa Nazir Khambati of Grade X A attended the Summer School Programme at Jindal, Global University, Haryana from 2nd -16th June, 2019.
      • Sharath Nirmala and Dave Mackness of Grade XII enthralled the students of Grade VIII with an intriguing and engaging session on the world of Artificial Intelligence.
      • A new initiative called ‘CIVIC DISCIPLINE’ is started to make our children better citizens by taking them through multiple conversations, activities and discussions.
      • Pre Primary’s first theme-end presentation of this academic year was held on Friday, 26th July.
      • A Field Trip to the ‘Chocolate Factory’ for pre schoolers was organized on Friday, 31st July.
      • The students of Grade XII visited the NEHRU ZOOLOGICAL PARK on Friday, 19th July, engaging in an educational session with the curator of the zoological park Ms. N. Kshitija
      • Children of Grades IV and V classified and catalogued their class library books.
      • Grades I – III were engaged in the Special Activity of making PAPER BAGS on Thursday 18th July.
      • On Monday, 2nd July Mr. Rama Krishna Boddu, Counsellor and trainer for Univariety conducted a session on A WINNING COLLEGE ADMISSION PLAN for the students of Grades XI and XII.
      • Students of Stage 1A were part of DRESS UP TO PLAY GROWN-UP! activity conducted on Monday, 22nd July.
      • The members of the MUN Club organised MUN TRAINING AND SIMULATION on Tuesday, 23rd July for the new incumbents to the Club.
      • Stage 3, instead of passively taking in a lesson is conducting scientific inquiries on how binocular vision helps instead of monocular vision.
      • students of Grade III took up the responsibility of measuring the food wasted after lunch and bringing it to everyone’s notice.
      • A trip to the NEHRU ZOOLOGICAL PARK was organized for the students of Grades I and II on 25th- 26th July.
      • .In the JOURNEY OF BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR, students of Grade V went shopping on Friday, 26th July within the limited budget they were provided with.
      • Our mathematics teachers attended a workshop , conducted by Emeritus IIT Professor, Dr. I.K. Rana on Saturday, 27th July at Chirec International School, Kondapur on the topic TECHNOLOGY SUPPORTED TEACHING.
      • Grade II B presented a special assembly titled MY COUNTRY, MY INDIA on Tuesday, 23rd July .
      • A special assembly on the topic I HAVE A CHOICE was presented by the students of Grade VIII B on Wednesday, 24th July .
      • Grade II C showcased relations as the theme through their assembly presentation on the topic MAGIC OF RELATIONS on Wednesday, 31st July .
      • Students of Grade III visited Rain WATER HARVESTING THEME PARK controlled by the HMWSSB on Wednesday, 31st July.
      • Zootopia- the annual celebration of pets on 1st August, 2019 was a wonderful day with great weather, a fantastic selection of animals that had been well prepared for their big day out.
      • INTER- SCHOOL MODEL UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE,was held on Friday,2nd August. The forum provides an opportunity to the future leaders to come forward through dialogue and diplomacy.
      • To show the kids the uniqueness of our country and the underlying unity that strengthens us, on Monday, 5th August the teachers put up an act on ‘Unity in Diversity’.
      • On Friday, 9th August, the Pre-primary celebrated Orange Colour Day.
      • On Tuesday, 13th August, Pre Primary Children made colourful Rakhis and tie these to kids who do not have a sibling.
      • Fancy dress competition was held on Wednesday, 14th August, for Nursery kids
      • The closing ceremony which concluded the successful two-day MUN conference on 3rd August.
      • Grade II D presented their special assembly WE ARE ALL UNIQUE on Tuesday, 6th August
      • The students of Grade XI A presented their Special Assembly on the topic BE A VOICE, NOT AN ECHO on Friday, 9th August.
      • Grades I and II, hosted a Quiz Competition as part of their ISA project.
      • On Thursday, 8th August, as a part of the special activity “I’m a Scientist”, students of Grade I, II, III and Stages 1, 2, 3 experienced hands-on science learning.
      • Grade V students took their first step of faith by running food stalls for children of the school .
      • Suchitra Academy contributed to the Haritha Haram Programme of Govt of telangana by a sum of Rs. One lakh to GHMC.
      • Children of Grade IV had an interesting talk by our Sport’s Director-Mr. V. Venkateswar Rao who helped children choose the right kind of food and gave many tips on the exercises they can do .
      • The students of Grade XII had an interactive session with their Indonesian counterpart via a Skype call on Friday, 9th August.
      • Grade IV children made floor maps and in the process learnt map skills.
      • Suchitra Academy hosted 14 renowned Indian and Canadian universities on Saturday, 10th August .
      • Students of Nursery to Grades 2, Stages 1 and 2 were engaged in Rakhi making
      • Students came together expressing their notions, emotions and patriotism towards their country and what a build-up it was!
      • Grade IV students concluded their PBL Inquiry by setting a GAME FAIR in the campus on Wednesday, 14th August
      • We are happy to inform you that Devansh Mehta and Puneeth of Grade XI have been selected for a Student Exchange Programme in Japan.
      • The 73rd Independence Day was celebrated by the teachers and the students with great enthusiasm and happiness.
      • On the occasion of 73rd Independence Day our MD Mr. Praveen Raju and Director Principal Ms. RenuShorey, inaugurated a modern state of the art kitchen facility in Suchitra Academy in compliance with ISO 22000 standards.
      • Our Grade IX student Pradyumna’s music album ; Fundamentals was launched on August 15th

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