Best Practices
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  • We maintain student teacher ratio to 1: 10.
  • We have a strong network of communication between School and Parent.
  • A detailed, extremely well-thought out Almanac
  • A very detailed Syllabus Planner reflecting the thrust of the academic planning and focus
  • A fortnightly News- letter and Menu
  • An active FB page allows everyone to SEE us
  • A clear policy on most of the matters – Home Assignments, Evaluations, visiting/meeting the school people.
  • Building values through thought-provoking assembly presentations.
  • Monthly PMIs. ( Parent Mentor Interaction)
  • Talented, dedicated, hand-picked teaching faculty
  • Interactive Boards / projectors in each class-room to provide a visual experiences to kids
  • Strong focus on Communication skills
  • Teachers resources- Laptops for an easy and quick exchange of teaching material
  • Compulsory Class Cleaning activity- Thursdays.
  • No child left behind (NCLB) policy-inclusion of all children in all school activities-Founder’s Day, Assemblies, Literary Week.

Contact Us

Suchitra Junction,
Qutubullapur (M), RR(Dist),
Hyderabad – 67.

Phone: +91-91772 99900 / 91773 99900

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