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Suchitra Junction,Qutubullapur (M), RR(Dist),Hyderabad – 500067 Telangana, India
Mrs. K V Praveen Raju
Suchitra, Secundrabad, Hyderabad
Applications Open
for Academic Year
2020 - 2021
 /  Admission
Applications Open
for Academic Year
2020 - 2021

Admission Process

We are pleased that you are interested in applying for your Child Education at Suchitra Academy and would like to thank you for the same. Though most of the information is available to you on the website, we would still wish to invite you to visit us at our campus to have a better understanding of the education imparted for the Holistic Development of your child at Suchitra Academy.

Timings for walk-ins: 9.00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. (Monday to Saturday)

Admissions open for: Grades Play Group to XII

Age criteria (as per class): For Grade I – Minimum of 5 yrs and 6 months as on 30th June.

Documents required for admission: Birth Certificate, 2 passport size photos of the child, one each of the mother and father, Transfer Certificates (if applicable), Assessment report (as applicable), Address Proof, Aadhaar ID of the Child and the parents.

Documents required for admission Grade IX and XI: Birth Certificate, 2 passport size photos of the child, one each of the mother and father, Transfer Certificates (if applicable), Assessment report, CBSE Registration Number, Migration Certificate(as applicable), Address Proof, Aadhaar ID of the Child and the parents.

Modalities of payment: Term Wise (3 Terms in an Academic year) or One-time payment for the whole year.

We understand that the admission of your child into a school is a very critical decision, hence would like to assist you in every possible way.

Academic Session: March to February for Grades Play group to VIII
February to March for Grade IX, X, XII
April to March for Grade XI
School Timings: 8:25 A.M to 3:20 P.M
Summer Break: April- May

You are invited to visit the school as many times as you would want to before deciding on the admission.

Subject stream for Grade XI:

The Streams/ Subjects/ Electives offered as of now would be as follows:

Subjects Offered
Science Commerce Humanities
Language - Engilsh Language - Engilsh Language - Engilsh
1. Physics 1. Business Studies 1. Political Sciences
2. Chemistry 2. Accountancy 2. History
  1. Math
  2. Fashion Studies
  3. Psychology
  4. Painting
  5. Mass Media Studies
  6. Entrepreneurship
  1. Math
  2. Fashion Studies
  3. Psychology
  4. Painting
  5. Mass Media Studies
  6. Entrepreneurship
  1. Math
  2. Fashion Studies
  3. Psychology
  4. Painting
  5. Mass Media Studies
  6. Entrepreneurship
  1. Physical Education
  2. Biology
  3. Informatics Practices
  4. Economics
  5. Web Application
  1. Physical Education
  2. Biology
  3. Informatics Practices
  4. Economics
  5. Web Application
  1. Physical Education
  2. Biology
  3. Informatics Practices
  4. Economics
  5. Web Application

Admission office

Phone: +91 - 91772 99900 / 83746 91515 / 88975 20303

Front Desk/ School Office Number

Phone: 040-2723 0999 / 91773 99900

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Us

1. Why is the school named “Suchitra”??

The school is christened ‘Suchitra’ as it has a legacy going back to 1980. The existing site was the erstwhile location of ‘Suchitra Electronics’, a family owned venture of the director Mr. Praveen Raju. The site was leased out to ICFAI Tech. Engineering College for several years. The school is situated on NH 7, a prime location for a school. The campus is situated on 10 acres of prime area with 200,000 sq. ft. of built up area. The area is lush green with around 600, 40-year old trees in the campus.

2. What inspired the founders to start the school?

The team, led by our dynamic director Mr. Praveen Raju, had a vision to impart quality education to children. The school’s location is perfect as there are no other institutions aiming at holistic development of students in the vicinity. Moreover, the Director, Praveen Raju, has been associated with school education in his capacity as Executive Director of Indus International School, Hyderabad.

3. What is the USP of Suchitra?


We provide an exclusive Leadership Curriculum as part of the Academic Program.

We provide chess training as part of regular curriculum.

Our USP is built on our Teachers. We recruit only the best of professionally qualified Teachers.

The school focuses on different teaching strategies to meet the needs of students individually. This is done taking into consideration the different learning abilities, learning styles and intelligences of students.

LOCATION: about 7 km from Paradise, 4 km from Jeedimetla, 4 km from Alwal and closest to Bowenpally, 10 km from Kukatpally, 10 km from Panjagutta and 12 km from Sainikpuri.

Campus: 10 acres with 200,000 sq. ft. of built up area, amphitheater -1600 capacity, indoor multipurpose halls, spacious class rooms, the property belongs to the school management and the school has been started with a long term vision in place.

Sports facilities: Soccer, Cricket, BasketBall, Swimming, Karate, Tennis, Skating, Dance, Gymnastics, Instrumental Music, Chess (1st school in Telangana to include Chess as part of the curriculum).

4. Does the school appear the same as it does in the Brochure?

In fact, it is much more impressive in reality. The well-laid out green lawns dotted with trees, the play and sport grounds, the impressive 200,000 sq ft. constructed area are all to be seen to be appreciated.

5. What are the values that the school stands for?

Our Core Values/ Guiding Principles





We believe in

– Maintaining integrity of action.

-Inspiring leadership

Encouraging creativity

A will to inspire positive change in the environment

Respecting and treating everyone with the highest degree of dignity and trust.

Trying to achieve Excellence in all endeavours

6. How does Suchitra provide ‘Whole education with academic excellence’?

The focus is to provide a more learning-centric, interactive and participative pedagogy with stress on constructivist, enquiry and skill-based learning.

The curriculum de-emphasizes rote learning and promotes thinking skills, analytical skills, application skills and communication skills to develop the right perspectives facilitating independent judgment.

Thus, Suchitra is different from the competitors.

7. Who are the members that form the core team of the academy?

  1. Praveen Raju, Managing Trustee
  2. Renu Shorey, Director – Principal
  3. Deepa Kapoor, Vice Principal
  4. Trisha Chakraborty, Research and Training Head
  5. Anne Isaac, Academic Coordinator
  6. Satya B Swamy, Pre-Primary Coordinator

8. Is the faculty experienced and trained?

We have an exclusively handpicked faculty who is selected after rigorous rounds of evaluation and assessments. The selection is done on the basis of subject knowledge, communication skills and adaptability. We ensure all our teachers are dedicated and passionate about their work. There are a number of workshops in a year –In House as well as External.

9. When was the school inaugurated?

It was in June 2011

10. How does Suchitra offer the International methodology of education?

Suchitra is a CBSE school offering International methodology of education. We offer holistic education where the class-room teaching is child-centric. The chalk and talk method of teaching and allowing rote learning are anathema to us. PBL (Project based learning) is the way forward and marks integrated learning in the class room.

The teacher is only a guide or facilitator who ignites the interest of the students and lets the students explore and analyze until they find the right answers.

Use of multimedia and AV aids and emphasis on research work makes Suchitra a world class school following contemporary teaching techniques.

Class-Rooms with Interactive Smart Boards and high speed internet make the child’s experience multi-sensorial and transaction of curriculum easier/effective and efficient.

Creating an environment of curiosity in the classroom and teaching in order to meet a need-to-learn is of prime importance.


1. Who is the contact person in school for the parents?

The school has a  Support Mentor who is a link between the parent and the school. The parent gets in touch with the Support mentor via  for appointments with the teacher/ mentor or any other issue.

2.Will students be allowed to carry pocket money to school, if so what is the limit?

Children will not be allowed to carry pocket money since no canteen facility is available.

3. Will an annual planner be given to the students?

It will be given at the beginning of each session to the students.

4. Till which class is the school?

The school is up to Grade XII

5. What are the 2nd language options?

Hindi, Telugu are the 2nd Language options.

6. What are the 3rd language options?

Telugu, Hindi, French and Sanskrit.

7. What is the homeassignment policy of the school?

Students up to Grade II will have a no homeassignments at all. Class III upwards, the students will get one oral/ reading and one written or project work per day.The HA policy document will be shared with the parents.

8. Will we involve the students in community service?

In accordance with the CBSE pattern, students have to be involved in community service. Areas in and around the school will be earmarked for this purpose. A government school is already adopted by the school.

Fee Structure

1. What is the fee structure? How many Installments will be there?

The fees will be paid in three installments every quarter. It may be paid at one time too to avail a discount.

2. Will your fees remain constant in the next few years?

No, there will be a hike of around 8%-10% to offset inflation.


1. Up to what time of the year do we accept admissions?

There is no time bar for admissions.

2. What is the procedure for admissions?

  1. Parent comes and meets the Front desk Executive.
  2. Fills up the Enquiry Form
  3. Meets and talks to the Admission Counsellor
  4. Visits the Facility
  5. Meets up Faculty (if desired)
  6. Meets the Principal.
  7. Buys the Application Form
  8. Takes a date for interview and Fitment Analysis.
  9. Meets the Facility Manager in case bus facility is required
  10. Comes back for the fitment & submitting the filled application form.
  11. Gets the result & based on that, pays the Fees.

3. How much is the application fee?

Rs. 600/- is the application fee.

4. What are the documents required for registration?

  • Birth Certificate

  • 4 passport size photographs of the child, one each of the parent

  • Transfer Certificate (if applicable)

  • Address Proof

  • ID Proof of the parent

5. Is it a residential school?

No. It is a day school.

6. What are the timings of the school?

Play Group – 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Pre Primary – 8:25 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.

Classes I to XII – 8:25 a.m. to 3:20 p.m.

7. What are the office timings of the school?

The office timings are; from 8.25a.m. to 4.30p.m. on all days, except Sundays and Government holidays.

8. Whom should I contact for further information after Admissions?

The Parent Mentor Coordinator (Rama/ Meghna) would be liaising with parents after admission.

9. Can I meet the principal?

Yes, after taking prior appointment. Principal will be available between 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


1. How will the school ensure transparent interaction with parents?

Parents will be kept in the loop with regard to all important decisions made in the school.

They will be informed through bulk SMS system, emails and circulars.

A detailed Almanac is given at the beginning of the year.

2. Is each student given an opportunity to participate in class activities?

Yes, each and every student is given an opportunity to participate in all the activities as we follow a policy of ‘No child left behind’, this is strictly adhered to.

3. How frequently are the PMIs (Parent Mentor Interactions) held in the school?

They are held every Second Saturday of the month for the parent and mentor to discuss the child’s progress in class.

However, if the parent wants to discuss any issue with the teacher personally, it can be done with prior appointment through the school diary.

4. How can I contact my child’s teacher?

  • Through e-mail
  • Through phone
  • Through visit after an appointment

5. Does the school encourage parent volunteers?

A. The school will like to have parent volunteers for special occasions, outings or inter school events.

6. When or Where are the school uniforms or books available?

These are available in school through the vendor setting up sale counters.

7. What are the laboratory facilities being provided and for which grade onwards?

There are Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories in place along with a Math laboratory too.

A computer laboratory is in place for computer science.

8. Do we have a counsellor? How many days a week will she or he report to school?

Yes, we have school counsellors. They are available through the week by appointment only.

9. Should I notify that my child has medical condition during admission process?

Yes, you should. Then, precious time is saved and appropriate measures are in place to help the child.

10. How many teachers do we have per class?

Overall Ratio is 1:10

For the Pre-Primary to Grade I, an Assistant teacher will be in place along with the Main teacher.

Facilities - Sports

1. What are the sports offered in the school? (indoor or outdoor) ?

The school offers a variety of sports activities for the students. In the area of outdoor sports: basketball, tennis, volleyball, cricket, soccer, badminton and swimming, .

Indoor Sports:  chess, table tennis, karate, yoga, skating, gymnastics, dance, fine arts, instrumental music (keyboard, guitar, drums).

2. What are the other attractions in the school?

  • An amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 1600 for competitions and school functions.
  •  Swimming Pool

3. What are the ECA activities that the school offers?

The Co-curricular activities that the school has are:

  • Karate
  • Skating
  • Gymnastics
  • Advanced art
  • Home sciences
  • Western choir
  • Musical instruments ( Keyboard, Guitar, Drums)
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Dance
  • Swimming ( half Olympic-sized pool)
  • Cricket (Partnership with Venkatapathy Raju Academy)
  • Chess
  • Soccer
  • Fine Arts
  • Badminton

Clubs: Science Club, Math Club, Eco-Club, Dramatics Club, Robotics.

4. Is there a house system being followed in school?

Yes, there are 4 Houses….

SUKRITI – Beautiful Creation {Create, Cultivate and Change}

DHRITI – Complete Commitment {Patience, Commitment, Toil & Triumph}

PRAKRITI – Nature {Beautiful, Bountiful and Infinite}

SANSKRITI – Culture and Heritage {Uplifting Tastes, Traditions and Values}

5. What are the competitions that the school holds for the students?

Competitions can range from literary, creative or knowledge-based. The school almanac is a good reference. You can choose the activity you want your child to participate in and send a prior note to the class mentor in this regard.

6. What is the schedule for the students in the class?

There are eight teaching periods on a normal day. There is an outdoor or indoor activity every day.  Once a week time is allotted for Hobbies, ECA, and Sports.

7. On which day will the students wear the sports uniforms?

Sports, being such an integral part of our plan of schooling, the Sports Uniform is worn 4 days in a week.

8. What will be the role of the class mentor?

The mentor will be a guide and a facilitator in class.

The student will be given a free hand to explore and discover learning in his /her own way.

The mentor will ignite the spark in the child and allow the child to let his spirit of enquiry take charge.

Facilities - Security

1. How is the security of the student ensured?

The school has CCTV and security guards in place all the time. They are there in the play field also.

2. What about the night time school security?

The school has CCTV’s and there are 6 security personnel for the morning and 4 for the night.

Facilities - General

1. What type of seating is proposed for the library?

Informal seating with beanbags, rugs, as well as the conventional table-chair seating will be provided.

2. Do we have 2 recesses during school hours? What are the timings?

• Yes, a long and short recess is there.

• Timings for the short recess is 9.50 a.m. to 10 a.m.

• Lunch is 12 p.m. to 12.50 p.m.

3. Are meals being provided in school?

Yes, milk in the morning, lunch and a snack during dispersal time are provided to the students.

Facilities - Transportation

1. Does the school provide bus service?

Yes, and all the buses are air-conditioned.

2. Who will be in charge while the children commute to and from the school?

The teachers who travel in the bus are in charge of the students. A maid is also present in each bus to take care of the students.

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Contact Us

Suchitra Junction,
Qutubullapur (M), RR(Dist),
Hyderabad – 500067 .

Admission office
Phone: +91 – 91772 99900 / 83746 91515 / 88975 20303

Front Desk/ School Office Number
Phone: 040-2723 0999 / 91773 99900


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