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The pre-primary curriculum is based on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) and aims at providing a holistic and integrated programme of nutrition, health and education and addresses the all round development of the child from a lifecycle perspective.

Hence the curriculum is designed to cater to the development of the child in the key domains namely Personal, Socio-Emotional, Sensory, Cognitive, Motor, Language etc. as a whole.

Though a time-table is not rigidly followed (the ECCE curriculum is completely child friendly and gives importance to the interests of the child), a typical day plan includes Quality Circle Time (QCT), Art, Music, ICT (Computer – with focus on increasing coordination skills with the keyboard and mouse as well as strengthen language and mathematical skills), Physical Education (PE – ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ as well as to keep the mind and body in perfect stimulation), Language / Literacy and Pre maths / Numeracy classes.

Pre-primary learning includes whole-class, group and individual activities designed to develop an inquiring mind and teach basic learning skills needed for schooling and later life.

A thematic approach (month wise themes) is adopted which integrates science, EVS, language, pre-maths concepts, story-telling, role play etc. and thus makes learning a memorable, associable and a pleasurable process than a pressurable process. The emphasis will be on experiential learning through sensory, visual, aural, tactile, stimuli and exposing students to real time situations.

Pre primary children also have compulsory gymnastics (once a week) and swimming classes as part of extra-curricular activities.


Our evaluation is comprehensive in nature, where in all learning experiences pertaining to scholastic, co-scholastic,   personal and social qualities are assessed.  It also involves the assessment of health habits, work habits, cleanliness, cooperation, and other social and personal qualities through simple and manageable means of tools.

We, at Suchitra, use the tool of assessment not only to appreciate the level of achievement but also to identify the scope of improvement.  There is a great weightage given to the evaluation of skills and higher mental abilities. The evaluation of non- cognitive aspects like attitudes, appreciation, interests, personal and social qualities of students are given great importance.

We understand that different areas of student growth need different types of evaluation through certain techniques which need to be appropriately applied.  In such a scenario, no child is a loser or a non-achiever.  The rubrics and matrices are also assigned to ensure that no negative remark ever gets endorsed in a child’s record of performance.   By keeping the evaluation process continuous, we ensure that there is a constant check on the progress of the child in different areas. 

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