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Suchitra - Academics CBSE School
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Suchitra follows the theme based approach to class room teaching where children learn through playway method  and all domains  of education are integrated.

We believe in the holistic and all round development of the child.  Learning is  meaning fully planned between individual and group play.

After considerable research and deliberation into all the renown National and International boards of education,  we narrowed down to CBSE for the following reasons:


It is recognised by the Government of India, and has a better credibility in the Indian subcontinent, not to mention outside India.                           

Entrance Examination Friendly

The pattern of the entrance examinations like PMT and IIT-JEE are based on the CBSE syllabus since CBSE takes all these examinations.

Competitive Examination Friendly

The CBSE syllabus is objective and easier, hence quite student friendly. Its objective nature helps students in the competitive exams score high grades. Hence, students of CBSE schools usually do better in the competitive examinations.

Scientific Approach

The CBSE syllabus is more scientific and focused in its approach. The whole syllabus of CBSE is divided into shorter units. And every unit has been allotted a certain number of classes or periods.

Focus on Physical Skills

The CBSE curriculum includes physical extracurricular activities like indoor and outdoor games and sports. It has a wide network, both in the state level and in the national level.

In Sync

CBSE along with NCERT is looking to revamp itself and be more in sync with the demands of the hour. It’s a progressive curriculum and keen to get it right.

Preferred Syllabus

The CBSE syllabus is being followed by the largest number of schools in India. Children seldom find it difficult when they have to shift schools in case of parents’ job transfer. 
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